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PH 5-minute Bible teaching


Okay, let me start off by explaining why this week got all jacked up for me schedule-wise. This is our annual senior class trip at the high school where I teach. From planning to execution, I play a pretty significant part in that. I really thought I could pre-record MemoPODs and everything else but it didn’t happen. Instead, it ended up being the Memo on Monday, and this Bible teaching coming in late on a Friday. I’ll do better next week. :)

So I started a new series this last week at church that I’m very excited about. We’re calling it Ordinary, and it’s about how we humans are all, well, ordinary. In this first message I addressed our human ambition, where it is often placed, and where God tells us to place it. Two different things. Take a look!


If you’re interested in seeing the full message, you can do so here.

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